LG Chem RESU ESS Residential Energy Storage Battery System Review

The compact LG Chem RESU ESS systems offer incredible flexibility, expandability, and present the world’s best energy density.
By using LG Chem RESU Energy Storage Systems (ESS), households can save energy generated from solar panels to use it at times when electricity prices are high or when there is a power outage. Furthermore, ESS systems make it possible to be completely independent from the utility grid. 
StorEdge Inverter Compatible
The best solution for interfacing a RESU ESS with solar panels and the utility grid. The SolarEdge StorEdge is a single inverter for solar panel grid-tie applications that also manages DC battery backup storage power. It includes the hardware required to provide automatic backup power to backed-up loads in case of grid interruption. The SolarEdge also includes all of the interfaces needed for DC battery connection.

The RESU10H is compatible with the 
StorEdge SE7600A-USS
RESU / StorEdge Solar Panel Energy Storage System Benefits
When a StorEdge Inverter is combined with the RESU ESS battery, it becomes a powerful solution that can take full advantage of the RESU energy storage capabilities.
Electricity Bill Saving
· Charge during off-peak times where electricity rate is low
· Discharge during peak times where electricity rate is high
· Store solar energy generated from Photovoltaic (PV) panels allowing an energy self-consumption
Emergency Power Back-up
· Provide backup power stored in a lithium-ion battery during black-out or unstable power fluctuation time.
SGIP Program
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