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Solar Hot water 

The basic principle of solar thermal heating is to utilize the sun’s energy and convert it into heat which is then transferred into your home or business heating system in the form of hot water and space heating.
The main source of heat generation is through roof mounted solar panels which are used in conjunction with a boiler, collector or immersion heater. The solar collector will use the sun's rays to heat a transfer fluid which is usually a mixture of water and glycol (antifreeze) which prevents the water from freezing.

The heated water from the collectors is pumped to a heat exchanger which would be inside the water tank in your home. The heat from the exchanger will then heat the water inside the tank. After the liquid releases its heat, the water will flow back to the collectors for reheating. A controller will ensure that the fluid will circulate to the collector when there is sufficient heat available.

SC Solar Energy offer services for companies, groups and individuals

We offer the very best services in our field. We never settle for second best, and always have your satisfaction as our top priority. It’s who we are, and we are proud of it. 
“I have tried other products, but this one is certainly the best. It brings efficiency to a new level of simplicity. Took SC Solar advice on the solar hot water savings and saved on my electric bill 30% minimum and thats just with the solar hot water application. It took up very little roof space and the savings we received was money well spent in my ROI. 
Steve Roberts, Summerville SC 
“This is the best company I have ever worked with. I’ll definitely choose them again, and highly recommend them. Our savings threw there energy conservation methods and hot water application has more than paid for the system. To top it off the customer service they provided is outstanding. Financing was made very easy and simple.
Thank you SC Solar Energy.
Katie long, Myrtle Beach SC 
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