Our goal is to turn no one away by offering competitive financing for all customers.

Stay up to datewith our upcoming events and changes to financing options that become available to help finance your project.

SC solar energy offers financing for residential & commercial projects.,
We provide reliable partners that will allow for competitive ways for financing for non profits and profit company alike. It allows for diversity in our portfolio and be able to offer our services to any client despite there economic background. We realize that allowing for this service gives us another opportunity to engage within a variety of communities and make a economic and energy impact along with educating how to allow renewable energy work for every client. This allows for our clients to be informed in a forever changing market of energy. SC solar energy takes pride in offering this service.

SC solar energy offers financing for homes and business alike. For homes we offer up to $100,000 for projects and for credit score as low as 540 could be approved. There are variables that play a factor into financing as in debt-income ratio, renting properties and so forth. If approved you could have funding for the project in as little as 48hrs. Regardless if you are in a mobile home or a home on a slab financing is at your finger tips.
Contact us to know more for financing options for residential & commercial projects.

Federal and State Tax Credits
Currently when you choose to go solar, you are eligible to receive a 30% solar federal tax credit.  That means you receive 30% off of the cost of your solar energy system. Along with the federal tax credit many states have solar tax credits as well.  Currently, South Carolina tax payers are able to claim a 25% tax credit on the cost of purchasing and installing a solar energy system.  Tax credits are subject to change based on state.
Let us answer all of your questions and maximize your total energy savings. 

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