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How Does Solar Energy Work?

Our sun is a naturally occurring nuclear reactor. It releases tiny packets of energy called photons, which travel the 93 million miles from the sun to Earth in about eight-and-a-half minutes. Every hour, enough photons impact our planet to theoretically satisfy global energy needs for an entire year. However, solar-generated power currently accounts for just four-tenths of one percent of the total energy consumed in the United States. Solar technology is improving and costs are dropping rapidly, though, so our ability to harness the sun’s abundance of energy is on the rise. In fact, a report from the International Energy Agency indicates that solar energy could become the largest global source of electricity by 2050. In the coming years, we will all be enjoying the benefits of solar-generated electricity in one way or another.

Schedule Cleaning and Maintenance

Investing in solar doesn’t stop with the purchase of the panels. In order to get good returns it is important to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance. Solar panel cleaning is an essential component of any solar maintenance program.  Dirty panels produce less electricity than clean panels. Having clean panels is essential for performance and effectivness of solar panels. SC Solar Energy takes pride in providing these services to our customer on commerical, government, utility scale, and residential projects.
Our maintenance team is available to clean solar panel arrays on homes or businesses. As a part of the cleaning service, we will perform a visual inspection of the solar array to make sure that everything appears to be in good working order and everything is running correctly. Fill out the tab below to get an estimate on cleaning and on the calendar.

Roof top solar 

Residential solar installation is not normally a long drawn out process. It typically takes between 2-4 days depending on weather conditions. Once the engineering is approved and permit is applied for and purchased we then schedule installation. 

What can solar do for you?

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